Magic Shutter - Brings Long Exposures to the iPhone

Published Tuesday, December 21, 2010 1:17 PM

There has to be thousands of camera applications for the iPhone, and I think I own about half of them. I have a camera app for just about everything except for maybe long exposures. The Magic Shutter app lets you mimic a long shutter effect by using the video function of the iphone. The controls however are more that of a camera allowing you to open and close the shutter when you want.

The app has four different exposure modes and has the option of front or rear Flash syncing. The Flash sync is what determines if a clear shot is taken at the beginning or end of the exposure. Meaning if you took a picture of a moving car with a front flash sync you would have the car in focus and the light trails going forward and the rear flash sync would have the light trails behind the car with the car in focus in front.

You can also do light painting allowing you to use a flashlight or anything that gives off light to draw or paint an image using the long exposure. You can also do multiple exposures as well, letting you compile images on top of each other as you see fit. You can pick up this app for $2.99 in the App Store, check it out.

Magic Shutter $2.99 @ App Store

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