Google Body Browser - Google Search your Body

Published Monday, December 20, 2010 12:40 PM

Google has offered all kind of exploratory applications that let you take a look at everything on earth as well as other planets and even star. They also released the Google Earth addition of under water landscapes which everyone thought was awesome.

Now you can explore the human anatomy as well with Google's new Body Browser. The new web tool lets you browse through the human body complete with labels for parts of the body. You are equipped with sliders that allow you to make parts of the body transparent so you can beyond them. One of the coolest features is the search bar. You can search the human body for anything which will be presented by zooming to that part of the body and decreasing the transparency of surrounding body parts.

I can image this being a very helpful tool for teachers and home schoolers that don't have access to models like this. I can also image it will help some tech savvy students complete their Anatomy homework in a flash.

In order to view the Body Browser you need a browser that has WebGL support, which means you will need the chrome beta, Firefox Beta, or Safari 10.6. More info about WebGL here.

Google Body Browser

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