YouTube Trends Dashboard - Find those vital videos before they go viral

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2010 11:06 AM

With the quantity of videos on the internet and on Youtube it's impossible to keep up with what's hot and trending at the moment. Then you have those videos that go viral and get an insane amount of traffic and become part of pop culture. So how do you expect to stay ahead of the viral video crowd and know all about the hot trending videos of the day, month, and year? Well with YouTube's new Trends Dashboard.

YouTube Trends has really two parts. One is a blog that posts 4 trending videos as 4 A.M and 4 at 4 P.M. The other is the Trends Dashboard which can show you video trends by US state or country, age group, and sex. So you can see what videos the younger crowd is into in the US or other countries as well as adults. You can even do side by side comparisons of up to three demographics.

It's pretty interesting to see the difference between all the age groups and countries. It's also great to be the guy that always knows about that funny or unbelievable video. Never be left in the viral video dark go to YouTube Trends and check it out.

YouTube Trends

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