Unfriend Finder - Shows who dumps you on Facebook

Published Friday, October 29, 2010 12:26 PM

There have been a couple of tools from around the internet that have come and gone that showed you the people who are unfriending you on Facebook, a feature Facebook refuses to implement. None of which, to my knowledge, integrated directly into Facebook. With a clever little browser extension for Firefox, chrome, safari, and opera called 'Unfriend Finder' you can keep track of people who are unfriending you so you can harass them about it. :) 

I'm sure you have experienced this before, you have 322 friends one day and the next you have only 321 friends. Who was that one person who unfriended you? You simply have too many friends and you can't figure it out. Most likely you won't miss them if you can't figure out who they are, but still it bothers you.

This is where the browser extension Unfriend Finder comes in. It adds an option to your menu bar on the home section that says 'Unfriends' it contains users who have unfriended you as well as Awaiting Friend Requests, message plane with messages from the developer, and a setting plane with option for the extension. The extension will only show you friends that unfriend you after you install the plug-in, so previous friends who have unfriended you will most likely remain a mystery. :( Sorry, but at least you will not have to wonder anymore about that one person who seems to have have second thought about being your friend.

Unfriend Finder

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