iPhone iOS 4.1 Bug Allows Lock Screen Bypass

Published Tuesday, October 26, 2010 2:10 PM

So it seems the new iOS version 4.1 has a little bug in it. With a little key combination from the emergency call menu you can bypass the lock screen all together. All you have to do is hit the emergency call button, press the # button 3 times,  then hit call and quickly hit the lock button at the top of the phone. You are then presented with the call screen where you can place a call to anyone in your address book. You in fact have to call someone to exit out of the screen because the home and the lock button don't work. You can't access anything other than the phones address book, because the home button doesn't work and you are locked out again after the phone call is over.

Apple has not commented on the bug as of yet, but I'm sure they will release an update at some point to fix the bug. It's really not that bad of a bug it does however expose your phone's address book and that to some people can be a really bad thing.

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