VLC comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Published Monday, October 25, 2010 1:35 PM

One of the many things that non-apple people complain about is limitations that iTunes puts on what kind of media you can play on your device. Particularly with video, it has to be in a specific format in order for your iPhone to be able to play it. This means if you have a video in a different format you first have it converted to the proper format for your Apple device. This of course takes time which can be annoying.

Now that VLC is available for not only the iPad but also the iPhone and iPod Touch you can play any video the popular PC and Mac VLC player can, which is pretty much any video type. VLC has become very popular video player for it's simple interface and it's ability to play just about any video codec under the sun.

To load videos into the application simply install it and plug your device into your computer. Open iTunes and select the "app" tab. Below the app organization screen you will see the file sharing app section. Simply select the VLC app and then use the file browser to find the videos you want on your phone and sync your device. It's that simple.

VLC on the App Store

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