Native Google Voice Apps Come back to the App Store

Published Monday, September 20, 2010 11:26 AM

One of the first big controversial App store decisions Apple made that began this whole Google vs. Apple ordeal began with the removal of the native Google Voice Applications. One day Apple decided that the Google Voice application duplicated the iPhone's functions and they removed all of them. Well now native Google Voice applications are back, after Apple has revamped the App Store and released new relaxed rules and regulations.

Apps like GV Mobile and GV Connect are back in the store already. Still no word when the official Google app will make it's way to the store, but it's hasn't arrived yet. These apps give the the ability to use your Google Voice number just like your main cell number. All your contacts are integrated into the application and it allow you to see your Google Voice call history as well as listen to voicemails, change your Google Voice settings, and of course place calls.

Having a native app that can handle your Google Voice account is a lot easier than trying to use the web version. Slow internet speed or internet unavailability made the usefulness questionable. Both GV Mobile and GV Connect are $2.99 in the app store and are worth the money if you want to use Google Voice on your iPhone.

GV Mobile
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