Take HDR Images on iPhone 3GS - HDR Pro $2 App

Published Thursday, September 16, 2010 12:07 PM

I have a iPhone 3GS, which I recently updated to the new iOS 4.1, little did I know that the HDR photo feature was for the iPhone 4 only. LAME, right? Yeah that's what I said! So how do you get HDR photos on you iPhone 3GS without jailbreaking it?

For those who don't know what a HDR, High Dynamic Range, Photo is, it's created by taking three images, one over exposed, one at a normal exposure, and one under exposed. The three images are then merged into one image giving you an image that is perfectly exposed.

For HDR images on the iPhone 3GS we turn to Pro HDR app for the answer. A little $2 application that allows you to take HRD images right on your iPhone 3GS. You can take the image in a manual or auto setting, and you can even get more control over the resulting image once created. The application works pretty well, with some reviewers saying it works better than the built in one for the iPhone 4. HDR Pro does not work on the iPod Touch however, but a different HDR photo app, TrueHDR, does!

Pro HDR App Store
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