Instant Jam – Facebook Game like Guitar Hero But you Can Play Your Own Music

Published Tuesday, August 17, 2010 2:18 PM

Instant Jam is a new Facebook game by the people over at InstantAction. It's a Guitar Hero like game but it lets you play your own music right out of your collection. The game allows you to play the game like a full PC game using a Java Applet. You can even use USB controllers from your Guitar Hero and Rock Band sets, as well as Wiimotes, PS2 controller, Xbox game pad, and of course your Keyboard. The controllers are automatically recognized for use in the game, which makes things a lot easier.

The game is only playable on Facebook and features all the same social hooks that you would expect from a game built for Facebook. You can give gifts, make wall posts, and post challenges to friends. The game creators have a library of songs that they have mapped for play. You can search or browse for songs and if you have that song on your computer then you can select it and play it. If you don't you can always buy the song in the iTunes or Amazon music store.

After you finish playing a song you get a score that helps you gain fans and money to purchase items in the store. Just like Guitar Hero you can purchase guitars and other items from the online store to be used in the game. This game is sure to be an online hit and be loved by many.

Right now it's still in beta and the beta is full, so all you can do right now is install it on Facebook to get in line for the beta. Once they start letting more people in you will get an email letting you know you can join. It's also only for PC users right now, but a Mac version is coming soon according to their website.

Instant Jam Website
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