Apple Performing a Silent Recall - They Fixed the antenna problem without telling anyone!

Published Tuesday, July 20, 2010 12:12 PM

So it seems that Apple is preforming a silent recall for their new iPhone 4. From what I have read from blogs like Gizmodo and heard from friends with the iPhone 4 Apple has started to coat the antennas of the newer iPhone 4's with something that helps to prevent the antenna problem.

Customers who have been having problems with their iphone's reception have been given a replacement from the Apple store that mysteriously no longer has the problem. I had a friend that purchased one a couple weeks after the release and he has had no problem with his iphone.

It seems Apple has fixed the problem by most likely coating the antenna with something that prevents you from connecting the circuit with your death grip. Apple of course didn't say they were going to do this because they don't what everyone returning their phones.

If you have an iphone 4 and it doesn't have the coating I would take it to the Apple store and exchange it for one that does. It seems as if Apple started doing this pretty soon after the release because like I said my friend ordered one a couple weeks late and it doesn't have any reception problems.

This is of course speculator, but it seems Apple has done something to the newly produced iPhone 4's that prevent the problem from happening. They would never admit it, but they have done something, whether its a coating or something else they have remediated the problem some how.

Read what Gizmodo has to say
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