How to Batch Change All Permissions in Mac OS X

Published Monday, July 19, 2010 10:58 AM

I recently had a problem with my computer that required me to create a new profile and move all my stuff to it. The only problem was all my music was owned by my other username. The Mac OS allows you to apply permissions to all sub items of a particular folder but this does not work for sub folders only individual files in that sub folder. In order to change the permissions on all the music in my itunes folder, which has a folder for each artist and every album of that artist, I would have to go to each folder and apply the correct permissions manually. This of course I was not willing to do, so I went to google looking for a solution.   

I found a little piece of software called Batchmod that will allow you to change all permissions to all sub items as well as folders and their sub items. This, of course, is exactly want I needed to change the permissions on the entire iTunes Music folder and sub folders and items. I launched it and and selected my root iTunes folder and set the permissions I wanted and POOF everything was fixed. It worked like a charm.

If for some reason you need to batch change permissions, BatCHmod is the program for you. It's free and can be downloaded here.

Versiontracker – BatCHmod Via Will Burns
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