Microsoft Office Web Apps out in the Wild

Published Tuesday, June 8, 2010 11:34 AM

It seems that Microsoft has opened its doors to its online office apps. So this means that all you need is a LIVE account and you can go to and start using the online versions of Microsoft Office for free. This is great news for anyone that can't bring themselves to purchasing the Microsoft Office suite and need to open and edit Office documents.

With the use of Skydrive, which is built into the online office tools, you can map local folders to your online space up to 25GB. They put a limit of 50MB per file so files large can not be uploaded, but how often are office files larger than 50MB? You can sync documents from computer to computer, and from Mac to Windows, I wish however, you could view the synced documents online. They don't allow you to open and edit documents synced from a computer online, but you can sync them to your computer and open them locally.   

You can upload, edit, and create Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote documents all online and free.  With the combination of Skydrive and Office live your documents have never been so portable. It's like having Dropbox integrated with your office suite and an online space to create and share. If you don't have Skydrive and have not used office live yet I would suggest you check it our it's pretty sweet.


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