VPN+ - VPN Server for you Mac OS X

Published Tuesday, June 1, 2010 2:03 PM

If you have ever wanted to run a VPN server on your Mac you will have to do one of two things, either purchase and run Mac OS X server or get a VPN application that runs on the regular OS X. VPN+ is an application that you can run on your regular Mac OS X that can allow you to create a VPN server.

Why would you want a VPN? Well because a VPN allows you to securely connect to the VPN sever's network from a insecure location. It's widely used in the business place for travailing business man to gain access to their files and email in the companies server.

With a VPN properly setup when on the road or when you are off your local network it will be like you never left. You can get access to your files and anything on your local server. Of course an application like this may require some advanced knowledge to setup properly. If you want a application the does about the same thing with little to no setup then perhaps you should try Slink, an application I have written about before. It's no longer a free application, but it worth the money they are asking it's a great program.

VPN+ - VPN Server for Mac OS X

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