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Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010 2:03 PM

When you send an email what does your email signature say about you. Does it say that you're a professional or does it leave the recipient wondering. I think people take emails more seriously when they see a nice and clean email signature that is presented in a professional manner. I think you are also more likely to get responses to emails when submitting or requesting information if the person you are sending the message to can see you should be taken seriously.

This is why I have put time into putting together a cool virtual business card that is added to each email that I send. I use Apple Mail for all my email correspondence which doesn't allow HTML emails. So you have to put everything in an image that is then added to your signature list. Ideally you would want the image to be a background and the text to actually be in the email so it can be copied or linked to sites. This is possible with other email clients but is also harder to put together.

I will show you how I made my virtual business card in Photophop. If you don't have photoshop there are some great alternatives like Paint.NET for Windows and GIMP or Mac, a full list here.

Start with a canvas of 320 X 180. I put a little shadow on mine if you don't want this you can make it 300 X 150.

If you want a shadow for that 3D effect draw a Box with the Rectangle Tool leave a gap on all sides for the shadow. Add the shadow by selecting the box layer and hitting the Fx at the bottom on the layers window and then selecting the Drop Shadow option.

Now all you have to do is add your text and images you want on your business card, it's always good to have the company logo on there as well to make it look a little more official.

Save the image either as a JPG or PNG, use PNG for a more crisp image if you get artifacts on your image.

Then open mail and open the preferences and go to signatures. Hit the plus button and drag and drop your new virtual card into the box. Don't forget to assign it to a email account so it's added automatically to each email you send.

There you have it, enjoy your new virtual business card signature!

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