Flattr – Social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like

Published Tuesday, May 25, 2010 1:02 PM

There are a lot of people out there that create great content and do it for free. Most of them don't get paid for their content and if they run adsense they most likely don't make that much money off of it. So how can you reward bloggers and content generators for putting up great content? Well pay them for it of course, but who would send a blogger money via paypal for their content? It's almost never done so this is where Flattr comes in.

Flattr allows you to make micro payments to content creators that you like. You spend a flat rate of about $2.50 a month. That money goes to the bloggers, photographers, artist, or what have you that you like and enjoy their content. The owners of the content puts a Flattr button on their page and when you click it Flattr will send them a fraction of your $2.50. The more buttons you hit the smaller the pieces each person gets.

It doesn't sound like much but it will add up after a while. In order to make money on Flattr you have to participate yourself. So it's a 2 way street, bloggers can help support each other and encourage each other to keep on creating content.

I think the idea is a good one. It's not that popular right now but it's still in beta and requires an invite to join. The web company is based in Sweden so popularity in the US might also be a problem. If the idea takes off it would be great for bloggers and internet content creators alike.



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