Tripletz – Snail Mail Cards Made Cool Again

Published Monday, May 24, 2010 2:22 PM

I hate buying Cards for people. I don't think it's a very original way of saying anything. I feel like it's a copout, and it's like saying I don't know what to get you and didn't feel like spending much money so I got you this card. With Tripletz you can send a set of three cards each with a portion of a short 3 – 6 word message on them. They will receive the messages one day apart from each other and when you put them together they compose your short message on the front and the last card will have a 150 character personal message that you compose. I feel like Tripletz are at least unique and would be enjoyed more than a regular card would. Oh and they cost about the same as a single greeting card would about $4.99. With Shipping it comes out to about $6.50 so it's a little bit more than a greeting card would cost to purchase and send, but I think it's better than a traditional greeting card.

I wish the personal message on the back of the card could be longer than 150 characters, feels a lot like a tweet to me. Since the front of the cards doesn't say a lot I had hopes that the back of the last card could have a little content on them. The site is a little slow in showing the different card options, but other than that I don't really have any complaints about it. All the designs come from the users so they are all original and pretty interesting. You can also upload your own set and if you sell 333 cards they pay you $111. Pretty cool idea and opportunity for people who have designs sitting on their computer that they could be making money off of.

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