Could an iPad really replace a Laptop? Should you buy a Macbook or an iPad?

Published Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:47 PM

The big question you have to ask yourself before buying a iPad is will it do everything I need it to do or should I just buy a Macbook. For a couple more hundred you can buy a macbook, so why by an iPad for $700 when you can by macbook for $999? Could an iPad really replace a laptop?

When the iPad came out I would have said no right off the bat, but now that it's been out for a while and I have gotten to see what it can do and what application are coming out for it, and  i'm not so sure anymore. One thing is for sure that a Macbook will have more functionality and applications support than the iPad. It will be able to run whatever you want but that's not really the point. The questions is could you use an iPad instead of a laptop for what you use your computer for?

When it comes to the basics, like internet, word processing, and email the iPad has you covered. You can even connect a keyboard to type on it you don't want to use the touch keyboard. You can store files and sync files from your computer using Dropbox app so file storage and transferring is there. You can use the iPad as a notebook using writing apps like Penultimate. Giving you notebooks that can be emailed to anyone at anytime. 

If you need to control someone's computer remotely iPad has apps like logmein ignition and Teamviewer that will get the job done. A program called desktop will allow you to run multiple apps at the same time giving the ability for example to use a calculator while sending an email.

The iPad has an app that can do just about anything a laptop can do it's just in a smaller bundle and all touch controls. I think an iPad could replace a laptop as far as functionality is concerned. I wouldn't use it as my only computer but as a portable computer on the go I think I would bring a iPad rather than a laptop. The apps have just begun to roll out for the iPad and as they do the functionality will get better and better. It will be exciting to see how people are using the iPad in a year or two.
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