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Published Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:06 PM

Something that makes any CD or DVD look more professional or fun is a custom label that you can put right on the disk. You can go to the stores and by label kits and software, but all your really need are the inexpensive refill label packs and the Disc Cover software. I guarantee you that the Disc Cover for mac is going to be better then whatever software they give you in the kit. Disc Cover can print on your labels with hundreds of brands and layouts to choose from.

Disc Cover comes with over 24,000 different high quality images that you can use on your labels. There are also 120 backgrounds to choose from and 130 ready made templates to get you started quickly. The image gallery is very impressive and has photos and clipart that would go great on just about any cover.  

Probably the best feature of Disc Cover is the iLife integration. You can import track titles from playlists or albums to add to your CD. Placing and positioning them on the disc is as simple as drag and drop. You can position them anywhere on the CD and the text will automatically wrap around the edges. You can also import images from iPhoto and text from your iDVD library. It is truly the best way to get CD information onto your label.

The image editor is great for modifying images to look great on your label. Disc Cover has filters just like photoshop, everything from cropping to image color adjustments to distortion filters. You no longer have to edit a photo before putting it into your disc making software. You can also place image masks on your photos for cool effects around the edges of you image.  If you don't want to import images Disc Cover also allows you to just drag and drop images from your desktop right into your project.  

Printing couldn't be simpler with Disc Cover. You can choose the label paper type and print right on the labels you already have. Like a said at the beginning you can buy the inexpensive label refill packs and just use Disc Cover to print on them. Disk Cover also has LightScribe and Labelflash support so if you have a printer that can print right on disk you can still use Disc Cover.

Disc Cover is $35 for the full version but you can download the application and try it free. You will not have access to all the images and they place a watermark on your discs if you try and print them, but other than that the program is fully unlocked. You can get a good idea if you like the program before you buy.

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