Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies at Home

Published Monday, April 5, 2010 1:09 PM

Now at no point am I suggesting you not support the Girl Scouts, but for the times when they are not out selling their wares you can make some of your favorite girl scout cookies right at home. I don't know how you can resist buying these over priced cookies from the adorable little girls so if you see girl scouts selling their cookies go and buy some. You can go to this website to find to local Girl Scouts in your area to buy from.

If you want to make girl scout cookies at home you need to visit and get some recipes from them. They offer recipes for Slim Mint “Thin Mint”, Fijis, and Left-behinds “Tag-alongs”. They even have a video on show to Temper Chocolate so your cookie making skills can be up to the challenge.

So enjoy your cookies and happy baking.

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