Ipad Apps Start to Leak, Netflix and ABC apps revealed!

Published Thursday, April 1, 2010 10:56 AM

Well according to Appadvice there will be a Netflix and an ABC app that will allow you to watch instant watch movies and ABC shows right on your iPad. I have to say that I am most excited about the Netflix app since I am a huge fan of them. Neither me nor Engadget knows how Appadvice is getting their information but it seems to be legitimate since there are screenshots on the Apple servers of the Netflix application.

It can only be assumed that a Netflix app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is also on it's way. It doesn't make since to make an app for the iPad and not make it compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch. I couldn't be more excited to hear that Netflix is getting into the mobile scene. I think everyone's complaints about what the iPad can't do and doesn't have are going to be silenced by the array of awesome apps that are going to pop up that make the iPad an awesome device.

It's just like the iPhone was! The iPhone is just a phone without all the apps that make it much much more. The iPad is going to be the same thing and I'm sure that the apps coming to iPad are going to make it a great device and something that everyone is going to want to have.

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