Nutrition Menu – iPhone app that tracks calories, Weight Watchers points, and your weight for $1

Published Wednesday, March 24, 2010 3:33 PM

I wrote a post the other day on how to do Weight Watchers for free and thought I would add this post about the Nutrition Menu application that is pretty much everything you need to do Weight Watchers successfully right on your iPhone.

In order to do Weight Watchers you need to calculate the food points of the items you eat as well as record their points and subtract them from your daily total. Having an index of foods and their point value is key to quickly finding and recording food points. It's also handy to have a food point calculator  where you can enter the calories, fat grams, and fiber grams and get the food's point value.

Nutrition Menu has all these features and more. Not only can you do the things described above but you can also record your weight and graph it on a chart to show your progress. You have access to over 91,000 foods in their database that can be accessed offline. You can enter costume food items and their food point values so you are not forced to find the food item in their database. Nutrition Menu also has a favorite section that allows you to keep your favorite foods close for quick access.

If you workout Nutrition Menu has a workout calculator to calculate how many point you can add to your total after working out. If you don't count points but calories Nutrition Menu has you covered there as well, because it shows a full breakdown of all your calories, carbs, sugar, fiber, protein, etc on your daily journal page.

This application is great! I have been using it for about two weeks and is really everything you need to do Weight Watchers for free. It calculates points for food, records your points, and tells you how many daily and extra week points you have left. It even puts a badge indicator so you can take a quick glance at the icon to know how many points you have left. For only $1 dollar you can't beat the price.

Nutrition Menu @ the App Store
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