Hipstamatic – Unique iPhone Camera App

Published Friday, March 19, 2010 11:56 AM

Have you ever used one of those plastic toy cameras like the Holga? You know the ones that bleed light and can create some really unique pictures! Or are you a fan of analog camera’s the way you have to look through the viewfinder to see what you’re taking a picture of? Well the Hipstamatic is sure to turn you into an indie kid and your iPhone into a cool analog camera.  

There are tons of photo applications on the apps store. What makes the Hipstamatic unique is when you open the app you see a view finder and what looks like the back of a camera. Just like a toy camera the viewfinder is more of a guide than what is actually going to be in the photo. You can put different lenses on the camera to get different effects, as well as different flashes.

The application comes with three different lenses that all have their unique effects and the different flashes. Hipstamatic also has in app purchases that allow you to add more lenses and flashes to your collection.

The photos taken by the app are indeed very cool looking and do look very similar to photos taken with toy and vintage camera equipment. The app is $1.99 and is sure to make it to your first app page on your iphone after you try it.

Hipstamatic iTunes Store

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