TotalFinder - Add Tabs and other features to Finder

Published Monday, March 8, 2010 3:25 PM

Finder is the application on the Mac used to find your files and folders on your computer. Though it's full of some great features it also is lacking in others. There have been many applications out there that have tried to replace finder or make finder better like Path Finder and the do a pretty good job of it. Though applications like Path finder are good, I am so cheap and don't want to spend the $40 on a license. So I found a little application called TotalFinder and it has some great features that make Finder just that much better.

The main feature that I like about TotalFinder is that you can have tabs in the native finder. TotalFinder will actually change the way Finder operates which allows you to use the native finder application rather than an alternative application like Path Finder. The tabs look much like google chrome tabs which can be opened and closed with keyboard shortcuts just like the browser. You can even drag a folder to the tab bar and have the folder come a new tab. Switching between tabs is natural with the same shortcuts as a web browser and they are spring loaded so if you drag a file and wait the tab will automatically be selected and brought to the front.  

Other than the Tab mode you can also add a dual-panel mode, have a global Finder hot-key, stop finder from creating .DS_Store files, and show folders always on top. There are a couple of other interesting features like the ability to show hidden files among others.

TotalFinder is a free application that is currently in Alpha test. Because it actually changes the way your finder operates you might have to uninstall it if a Mac update breaks the application. Uninstalling it is easy so no harm done and is worth it to get those added features.

TotalFinder Website

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