Choose Wisely - For Mac Let's You Choose which browser to Open a Link in

Published Monday, March 1, 2010 3:10 PM

If you are like many people you have more than one internet browser installed on your computer. Sometimes it's appropriate to open a link in a specific browser. For example the web page might be only viewable in a specific browser, or you might prefer one over the other. Most people stick to one browser but recently I have started to branch out and for that reason find Choose Wisely a great appliction.

Choose Wisely acts like your default browser so when you open a link in an email or in an application Choose Wisely pops up and asks you which browser you want to open the link in. This is great if you like using Firefox but want to quickly open a link in a browser that doesn't take as much time to open like chrome.

I have found this software to be very useful and I hope you do as well go and check it out its free.

Choose Wisely Free Browser Selector   VIA Download Squad
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