Commercial Jet Pack - Get yours for only $75K

Published Friday, February 26, 2010 12:37 PM

Jet packs have a long time been a feature of science fiction and movies. The idea of having a personal flying machine appeals to so many people and we have seen people striving to make something that not only works but that could actually sell and be practical. Well I'm not sure about the practicalness of a jet pack but at least this one works and you can purchase it so two out of three isn't bad.

This machine works with duel-fan propulsion system that creates the lift. The machine eats up 10 gallons an hour so your flight time would be limited to about 30 minutes. The 250 lb machine can carry a 280-lb man at speeds up to 60-mph. The jet pack has reached highs of 7,800-feet in tests, and has a built-in low altitude parachute just incase you get into trouble and need to bailout.  

The unnamed machine meets FAA's Ultralight Regulations so you can pilot it without a license. It's going to he put into production by Martin Aircraft Company at a rate of about 500 a year and they are expected to cost about $75,000 each.  

As I said not that practical but at the same time it's pretty freaking cool. I mean that's something to show off to the neighbors. In the video you see people just hovering I wonder how agile the machine really is. Is it only going to be able to move a little bit and hover, because that would be lame if you ask me. I would want it to at least be about to fly straight several feet off the ground and be able to come back. 

Martin Jet Packs
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