Paymo - Track Your Project Time with Online Tools and Invoices for Free

Published Thursday, February 25, 2010 12:32 PM

If you do freelance work for friends, businesses and organizations it's important to track your time and report it well. Giving people the ability to see how much time you spent on their project and get a professional invoice is important to becoming an effective and responsible freelance worker.

If you work with websites like elance or odesk they have time management applications built in, but if you don't you need something to record your time and produce reports for your clients. Enter Paymo, a free time tracking service that has a desktop client that can record your time and report it to the website. When logged into the website you can print out reports and invoices that reflect your time spent on the project and also your tracked expenses for the project.

I was looking for a free time recorder that can allow me to record time spent on projects. I came across paymo and was very impressed. The Mac app is a dashboard widget, which is not my favorite, but works very well and has a features I really wanted. I really like the way the app will stop the timer if I walked away from the computer for too long, it allows the time to be as accurate as possible. Because the timer is running in the background I am sure I would forget to turn it off when stepping away from the computer. This way I don't have to worry about forgetting if I want to take a break or get some lunch.

You can create clients, projects, and task and record time for a task in a specific project. You can start new tasks, edit time recordings, and mark tasks as complete right from the desktop application. The website offers a way to manage all your clients and projects as well as invoicing and reports. The website is great for showing how much time you spend on different projects and  your overall work time for the week. The website also can manage your milestones as you work your way through bog projects.

Paymo offers a large amount of free features for the individual freelance worker. Checkout Paymo at
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