Waveboard for iPhone - Google Wave Notifications and Wave Viewer

Published Tuesday, February 23, 2010 10:40 AM

Google Wave has been described as a live conversation and collaborative tool allowing you to add photos, maps, and documents to a Wave. It's a great tool to create and share documents with other people. The only down side is you never know when you have a new Wave to view.

Waveboard is a Google Wave viewer that has push notifications so you can be notified of new and updated Waves. Waveboard is basically like pulling up Wave in the safari browser but without the navigation buttons. Waveboard offers a couple other features however, like the ability to shake to reload a Wave or logout of your account. You can also have links open up in the application so you don't have to leave the application to view web pages. The feature that makes it worth it's $1.99 price tag is the push notifications. Something that not many applications can offer, and none that I know of in the App store.

Checkout Waveboard at the App Store VIA Macworld
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