Google Buzz Criticized for Exposing your Contacts to the Public

Published Thursday, February 11, 2010 12:09 PM
Google Buzz as I wrote earlier is the new social network built into Gmail. Google has recently been criticized for exposing the people you follow as well as the people who follow you. This however does not expose their email address and even after both parties follow each other the email address is still kept private. The only time you actually see the email address is if they are already in your address book.

So I personally don't know what the big deal is. It's not as if anyone could go to your Google profile and get all the email addresses for all your contacts. In fact I think its a good thing that it shows who you follow because you can find friends that you perhaps didn't know had a Gmail account or didn't have the email addresses for. You still can't email them because like I said the email address is kept private even if you both are following each other. So at most you are exposing the names of your contacts that you choose to follow on Buzz, which is not a big deal to me.

How to remove your followers and follows from Google Profile

If you don't want people to see who your contacts are you can remove the list of followers and the people you follow by editing your profile. First login to your gmail account and then go to . You then can click on the “Edit profile” option in the top right. You then will see your profile setting and in the top right you will see three checkboxes the last one is the option to remove your contacts from your profile.

Remove Buzz all Together

If you don't want to deal with Buzz at all you can turn it off by logging into your account and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. In the footer is small print you will see the option to “turn off buzz”.

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