Easy Poster Printer – Use standard paper to make large posters

Published Wednesday, February 10, 2010 1:20 PM

Have you ever wanted to print posters of your favorite images but don't have a large format printer to get the job done? Well you could use the little printer you have right in your office and a piece of software called Easy Poster Printer. Easy Poster Printer allows you to print images on several pages you then cut them all out and glue or tape them together making a huge poster of your image.

This process is commonly referred to as tiled-printing or rasterbation. It takes your image and turns it into little dots that when placed together looks like the original image. So you can make a large poster from an image that is not that big to begin with. It's an interesing and fun little project to do on the weekend. It also makes for great wall morals.

Easy Poster Printer is a freeware and even though you can create a tiled poster online, Easy Poster Printer gives you many options and settings that make your tiled poster easier to create and put together. It gives you the ability to set the dots per inch as well as the space between the images. You can change the paper size so if you have some legal paper laying round you could use that as well.

If you are planning on printing a very large image you might want to think about taking the file to a printer so that you don't use all the ink in your little printer. It will most likely be cheaper and faster anyway. So check it out Easy Poster Printer.

Easy Poster Printer - Windows Only
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