Boot Snooze - Restarts and then Hibernates so you don't have to Wait - Windows Only

Published Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:46 PM

One of the things I don't like about Windows computers is that you have to restart them more often then   Macs. It's annoying when you need to do something on the computer and you realize at some point you need to restart it to accomplish it. Well what Boot Snooze does for you is allow you to restart your computer and then make it hibernate or go into standby after restarting. So when you come back to the computer the next day your computer is fresh and ready to go.

That's all there is to it really it's a free simple program that solves one of life's little annoyances. If you want to schedule your PC to shutdown on it's own you can do this by making a new schedules task. This website will explain how to do it. 

If you have a Mac you can do something similar using your energy saver settings. If you go to System Preference >>Energy Saver and them click on the Schedule button in the bottom right you can schedule your computer to shutdown at a specific time and then restart at a specific time. That way your computer is always ready and fresh in the morning.

Boot Snooze Download VIA Download Squad
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