Google Buzz – New feature added to Gmail and Mobile phones

Published Tuesday, February 9, 2010 2:58 PM

Google Buzz is new product by Google that adds some social networking like features to Gmail. Google Buzz is kind of like FriendsFeed or like a Facebook status update that you can post right from gmail or from your mobile phone.  It allows you to post text, videos, pictures, links, and geo-tagged updates. Google Buzz integrates with gmail and mobile phones and has a live update features that show responses and comments in real time.

About Google Buzz

With Google Buzz you have followers just like twitter that can view your private updates. Everyone else can just see your public updates and post. You can post several different kinds of media to buzz which allows you to view photos and videos inline. Photos can be displayed full screen in your browser quickly with a thumbnail list of the images at the bottom of the screen.

Links that you put into a buzz update will automatically generate a list of pictures, from that website, that can be added to the update simply by clicking on them. Updates from your mobile phone can include geo-tags so you can let people know where you where when you posted your content. All public updates will be posted to your google profile that will instantly be indexed by Google.

Google Buzz is like Google Wave meets Facebook meets Twitter meets Foursquare. It takes features from all of the services and has put them into one Gmail and mobile integrated application. Google Buzz will be available on must phones via the web browser. The Android of course has Google Buzz integrated into it's map application.

Google Buzz has also set out to make sure that the best content gets pushed to the top. They will have some way of evaluating a buzz's content and popularity to bring the best buzz to the top and push the less important buzz to the bottom. It is going to work much like the Google search engine. They want the best information to appear higher and the less important to stay hidden so not to disturb the user's experience.

Website Integration
Google Buzz will integrate and automatically import posts from several website like Youtube, Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr, and Twitter. No word yet on whether or not they will integrate with Facebook, they said they had no announcement on that issue. I don't think we will see Facebook integration anytime soon. I think they want to keep the service separated from Facebook because it's so much like the Facebook service.

How to Get Google Buzz

Google Buzz will automatically be added to your Google account and will roll out gradually starting today and will be accessible to everyone over the next couple of days.

What I Think

I think Google Buzz is going to be very useful, because it integrates with Gmail a service that many people are already using. I think it will be adopted very fast and might be just what Google needs to present a real social media application that will actually be used by many. We will have to wait and see what happens next and how people react to the new feature. 

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