Lego Universe – Massively Multiplayer Online PC Game

Published Thursday, February 4, 2010 10:21 AM

Lego is about to release a MMO PC game where you can make your own lego creations, complete quests and fight the enemy to save “Imagination”. The games release date is still unknown and has been moved back several times. There is still not that much known about the game other than it will be quest based and allow to create and then order your lego creations.

The game could be really lame but at the same time could actually be a really cool and fun MMO game people of all ages can enjoy. The trailer definitely makes the game seem like a winner, but that is what trailers are for. I can't help but feel they are trying to make a World of Warcraft but with legos, and if they did it could be very successful.

The lego Universe website has a little puzzle game, leading up to the Lego Universe release, where you complete missions to send minifigs into the Lego Universe to help battle the enemy. There are several missions that you can complete with hidden codes and puzzles to solve.

I think this game could be really good for the Lego brand and perhaps could recreate the Lego dynasty. I have always been a big fan of Legos and the Lego games. I have played many of the Xbox Lego games which are so much fun and enjoyable to play.

Lego Universe
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