DIY Steadicam Roundup – Different ways to make your own Steadicam

Published Tuesday, February 2, 2010 3:35 PM


Steadicam has been making devices that will allow you to get a steady camera shot without all the shacking and motion on screen. There device are very sophisticated and work very well it's just that they are very expensive. A steadicam could set you back as much as $25,000. Not something I would be willing to pay since I am just an amateur. However there are many DIY projects that can help you make a decent steady cam for little or no money at all.

The $0 dollar Steadicam

 Many of the zero dollar steadicam builds involve turing your tripod into a steady cam. One video I watched basically had you taking apart the tripod leaving only the rod that the mount is attached to. He then placed a weight on the end and secured it with a clamp. Though this does work it also leaves you with a disassembled tripod. The $0 steadicam build that I liked the most was one done by SundogPictures on Youtube and only requires you to remove one screw which is easy to put back. Video Link

$14 Steadycam Project

This project consists of pipes with the camera mount on the top and a weight on the bottom. A T-section in the middle lets you turn the setup smoothly. This setup is pretty easy to do and like the title suggests it's pretty cheap. The sample footage looks pretty good and I think this project might be worth a try. It's a little more compact that the previous $0 steadicam project. This guy also sells his steadycams already built for you for $39 bucks, so if you don't feel like making it you can just buy it from him.

$14 Steadycam website Steadicam Version 5

This project is involves using wood for the structure and an u-joint and skate bearing for the moving joint. It's the 5th revision of the guys quest for a home made steady cam. It's a pretty good design and it's worth a look at. Steadicam Version 5  Gimbal Joint Steadicam Build

This project is somewhere in the middle range as far as difficulty is concerned. The structure is not hard to build it's the gimbal joint in the middle that makes this project a little more difficult. It allows the camera to spin freely and allow you to move the handle a bit without shaking the camera. It a little bit
more advanced but might be worth your time.

Website Link

Find what works for you!

There are many other designs out there and I suggest you find one that fits you and what your willing to do to get a steady camera shot. So good luck and happy filming.


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