Change Time Machine Backup Interval from One Hour to Whatever you Want

Published Monday, February 1, 2010 1:37 PM


Time Machine is a great way to keep all your files backed up and safe incase of accidental deletion or a crash. Time Machine backup runs every hour to backup everything you do from hour to hour. It you don't want your Time Machine to run every hour you don't really have a choice. You can either turn it off and only turn it on when you want it to backup or it backups every hour your computer is on.

With TimeMachineEditor you can change the interval that Time Machine backups your documents. If you are running an older mac that might get slowed by the constant backing up of information this might be helpful to you. If you just don't need a backup every hour and just want it to backup every week or everyday TimeMachineEditor gives you the freedom to do so.

TimeMachineEditor can backup your machine hourly on certain days, daily at a specified time, weekly on a specific day, or Monthly on a specific date. You can also simply change the interval from every hour to anything you want in hour intervals.

This application is free and has added a bunch of features that perhaps should have been a part of Time Machine to begin with. Try it out for yourself.

TimeMachineEditor Change Time Machine Backup Interval
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