Guerrilla Bob for iPhone – One of the Best Shooters for iPhone

Published Friday, January 29, 2010 12:29 PM


Guerrilla Bob is one of the newest additions to the App Store by Chillingo's catalog of games. Some of other their other game creations like Cogs and Minigore are some of my favorite games for the iphone. So their reputation as far as producing good quality games in my mind is top notch.

In the game Guerrilla Bob, Bob is trying to regain his military honor after John Gore, from the iphone game Minigore, framed him. John Gore is now a notorious criminal and the details of Guerrilla Bob's framing remains unknown. You play as Guerilla Bob fighting his way through tons of enemies to clears his good name. What game would be complete without bosses at the end of every level, and Guerilla Bob doesn't disappoint. There are common enemies as well as special enemies armed with a range abilities and weaponry, not to mention the challenging bosses at the end of each level.    

Guerrilla Bob is a classic iphone shooter featuring double virtual joystick controls. The left joystick controls movement while the right one aims and fires. There are three customizable weapons a machine gun, rocket launcher, and flamethrower. Seems like a low number of weapons but each weapon can be upgraded and in the game play you probably couldn't handle any more than those three anyway. The graphics are awesome and the game plays very smoothly with crisp and clean graphics.  

Guerilla Bob also is designed to work with the Crystal game network that gives you access to Challenges, Achievements, Leaderboards, and a Social Network. This makes playing the game a lot of fun and exciting as you play trying to unlock the Achievements and complete the challenges. It's always fun to see how you match up against other people and the leaderboards give you that chance.

Guerrilla Bob is $2.99 and is worth the money for this very well made and exciting game. Checkout the game at the App Store today.

Guerrilla Bob @ App Store


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