Showzey Review – Bring your photos together

Published Thursday, January 28, 2010 2:13 PM


There are many different places to store pictures online. A lot of people upload photos to Facebook and even though its great for sharing photos with friends is not a good environment for discussing photography. So you upload some photos to Flickr so you can enjoy the photography community there. You also use Picasa to upload photos online because it easy to upload and share images with friends and family.  You of course have friends and family that send you photos to your email address that sometime never makes it into your photo management application or online. So you find yourself all discombobulated with your all your images spread out all over the web. How do you bring them all together in one place?

Showzey is an online website that will bring all your photos together in one place and allow you to share and move them from one service to another. There is no signups or registration just go to the website and add your different image service giving Showzey permission to find your photos. Showzey then indexes all your images from all your services so you can search and filter your photos to find the ones want. You can then add the photo to one of your other service, download it, add it to a photo set, add captions or comments that are shared with your Showzey friends.

Showzey currently works with Facebook,Myspace, Flicker, Picasa, Yahoo, Gmail, and Kodak. If you have several of these Showzey will index and bring all your photos and your friends photos right to you in one place. You can even create a RSS feed of your photos. The length of the indexing process depends on how many photos you have, since my Facebook profile and friends profiles have more than a combined 17,000 photos it took a while to index them all. Once the indexing is over Showzey will not have to index them all again only the new ones which shouldn't take that long.

If you are seeking to get all your images in one place and have the ability to copy photos from one service to another without downloading from one and then uploading to the other Showzey is for you. Give it a try it's a free service.

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