Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Punched in the Face

Published Tuesday, January 19, 2010 2:07 PM

Jonathan Kroning, 20, of Montgomery IL, is use to getting stiffed on tips. It happens people don't feel they should have to tip a delivery guy for delivering a pizza in freezing weather especially if there is a delivery charge. Never did Jonathan think he would get a punch in the face as a replacement for a tip.

Jonathan delivered a Pizza Hut "meat lovers" pizza to Shaver McNeil and his wife. The McNeil's chose not to tip the driver and Jonathan did the only thing he could do, which was to hold back his polite goodbye with silence. Jonathan said that Mrs. McNeil leaned out of the door and made a comment saying he could have been more polite and Jonathan replied that cheerfulness is related to gratuity. She said she didn't care to tip him and Jonathan replied that he didn't care for her.

Jonathan continued to walk to his car when Mr. McNeil came to the car said the pizza was not hot enough and demanded he take the pizza back. Mr. McNeil shoved the pizza into the car and Jonathan knocked the pizza over and that's when Mr. McNeil punched Jonathan in the face. He demanded his money back, which Jonathan was more than willing to do after getting punched in the face, and Jonathan did. Jonathan drove back to Pizza Hut, with his face bleeding and little vision out of his left eye. The manager called the police to settle the dispute.  

Jonathan suffered an orbital fracture under his eye and Mr. McNeil was charged with felony robbery and felony aggravated battery and is being held on 10,000 bail. If you were wondering if Jonathan is still delivering pizza after getting punched by a customer. Jonathan took a day off but was back to work the next day, and yes the pizza guy with a black eye delivering pizza in freezing weather has since been stiff again since he has returned to work.

Come on people have a heart. Just because there is a delivery fee does not mean the drivers gets the money. I have read that many of the popular pizza chains don't give the delivery charge to the drivers. It's a hidden charge that helps pad the chains profits and they are just hoping you don't notice. Perhaps it would be a good thing to ask your pizza place where the delivery charge goes so you can gauge your tip accordingly. So, always tip your delivery guy and never punch them it's just not nice and you could go to jail.   

Pizza guy gets punched in the face

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