PHProxy – View Restricted Sites on your Companies Network

Published Thursday, January 14, 2010 11:11 AM


If you work for a decent size company their network most likely has blocked sites that prevent the employees from getting distracted and viewing non-work related sites. Sites that include but are not limited to Facebook, Myspace, Gmail, sports websites, online games,  and or course the naughty stuff as well. I am not suggesting you look at porn at work just that there is little harm in taking a peak at your Facebook page at work. There are a lot of online proxies that will sometime get you around these blocks but most if not all of them are also blacklisted on your network.  

So what to do? Install PHProxy on your own site so that you can get around the filter to do harmless things. If you have webspace that you rent from a provider you can install PHProxy and get your own gateway to the outside web. You will of course want to password protect the site because you don't want anyone using your gateway and bandwidth.

All you have to do is download the zip folder of PHProxy, extract the files, and upload them to a folder on your server like When you visit the site you will see an address bar where you can enter the website you want to visit. All the traffic looks like it is coming from your personal website and not from the blocked one.

Should you use this, well that depends. I would not suggest using this if you would get fired for doing so. If your company would fire you for looking at Facebook at work then don't do it. I would use common sense when deciding but if the sites are blocked and it's not that big of a deal I would say go for it.

Download PHProxy to visit blocked sites
VIA Lifehacker

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