Netflix Coming to Wii in the Spring! - Request your Disc Today!

Published Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:03 PM


Netflix Instant Watch is a great thing to be able to watch right on your TV. There are several devices out there that can do it now including some blue-ray players, Xbox 360, Netflix's Roku player, and the PS3. Why buy another device when you can play Netflix on something you already have. Netflix has been rumored to become available on the Wii for some time now, and now it's official.

Netflix on the Wii will be much like it is on the PS3, it will require a disk to play which you can request for free on Netflix's Website here. The interface is said to be much like that of other devices and will offer the same kind of features. As far as I know it will be released sometime in the Spring, which is as specific as anyone really knows at this point.

Why couldn't you just download a wiiware for Netflix I am not sure, but maybe there is a disk space and or performance issue. If it was a piece of software you can download on the Wii you could just update it like they did on the Xbox. There has already been one Netflix update for the Xbox that brought all kinds of functionality to the program. Oh well at least the Wii will get it's Netflix streaming, and that is all the matters.

Request a disk from Netflix here.

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