N.O.V.A iPhone Game Halo Like and a Lot of Fun!

Published Monday, January 4, 2010 12:31 PM

N.O.V.A has been a long anticipated iPhone game ever since it was debuted at one of those special Apple conferences. You play a Space Marine why is fighting off aliens who are trying to destroy the human race. Seem familiar? That's the exact plot to Halo pretty much, and come on Space Marine why don't they just call them Spartans and call it a day?

Despite the games apparent Halo knock-off plot line and setup, N.O.V.A is a pretty good game and plays very well despite the fact you are using virtual iphone controls. There are 13 chapters to play through and 3 difficulty settings. There is also a 4 player multiplayer that can be played over Wi-Fi or bluetooth. The aiming system is the biggest concern because it is very hard to aim a gun on a iphone or ipod touch. N.O.V.A lets you do some aiming, but also has a locking target system that allows you to shoot enemies without the aiming frustration. You can also fine tune your aim while you are firing by moving your thumb while on the fire button which is nice as well. The one thing I think the controls are missing is a way to hit or melee your opponents. I don't know if that moment would be too much, but it would be nice for when the enemies are right in your face.   

Other than the campaign game play N.O.V.A also has Multiplayer online or local over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can play your friend that's in the room with you or someone on the other side of the world. Your online account in N.O.V.A is structured much like Xbox Live. You have a friends list, inbox for messages, and achievements to unlock. Makes me wonder if Gameloft has any original content in this game at all!

So despite the generic Halo and Xbox live feel to the campaign and multiplayer, N.O.V.A is a great iphone game and is worth the money to buy it. The game is a bit on the expensive side at $6.99, but I think it is worth it considering I bought Super Monkey Ball for $9.99 back in the day. Oh what a dumb game that is!

N.O.V.A @ App Store 
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