Mini Squadron Game for iPhone

Published Wednesday, December 23, 2009 2:01 PM

Mini Squadron is a little game for your iphone that is sure to capture your attention. It's simple and fun as you fly around shooting down planes, helicopters, and UFOs. The controls are simple using a left side joystick and a right side fire button. The game offers multiple levels, unlock able planes and keeps track of your high scores. As you fly around shoot down planes power-ups and extra lives fall from the sky offer a change in your planes abilities or arsenal.

One thing I really like about this game is when you use all of your lives you can always restart the level from the same wave you were on when you died, preventing the frustrating replaying of the same waves as before. You can also play multiplayer with friends and complete strangers online. The game play also offers a survival mode which will throw endless waves of planes at you until all your lives have been spent.

You unlock new planes by getting high scores and completing levels and waves, which allows you to select different of planes the possessing different capabilities and weapons. It's a great game for only $2.99 and is worth every penny. Check it out in the App Store.

Mini Squadron $2.99 App Store

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