Google Indexes Shared Voicemails on Google Voice

Published Monday, October 19, 2009 12:34 PM


I was reading an article on engadget about the fact that Google is indexing voicemails that where recorded on Google Voice. You can find some of them if you copy paste this into a search site:  . When you do you come up with three pages of voicemails that have been indexed with the ability to click on them and listen to the audio. This at first glance makes you wonder what kind of security Google Voice is implementing. It makes you wonder if your voicemails are secure in the hands of Google Voice. All the Google conspirers are all freaking out right now and are saying I told you so. Well before we get too upset about this let me explain.

It seems that only voicemails that have been shared have been allowed to be index by the crawlers. So all the messages you see in the index have been shared and posted to the internet somewhere. That makes me feel a lot better about Google's security. I can see why people might be angry their voicemail was indexed even though they made it public in the first place. People should know that if post something anywhere or make it public you run the risk of Google and others indexing it. On the Google Voice Help forum a Google employee has said they have made a change that will allow only the owner to allow their voicemails to be indexed.

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