AT&T Allowing VoIP over 3G network for iPhone

Published Thursday, October 8, 2009 12:24 PM

This is big news on October 6, AT&T announced that they are going to allows applications like Skype use the 3G network for VoIP calls. This is a huge deal because this means you can place free calls from your phone wherever you have a 3G connection. You could potentially use the smallest iPhone plan and then use the Skype to bring down the minute usage.

I had a thought though! If you use Skype and Growl on your computer and prowl on your iphone, you could setup push notifications for Skype calls. So when you get a Skype call your computer alerts your phone and you can pick it up on the phone. Pretty nifty huh! Skype doesn't have push notifications yet so this is the best way to get that sort of thing now. You can even go a step further and forward your Google Voice calls to your Skype account. That way people on land lines can call an actual number and you could answer the call free of charge.

This could be the secret to ensuring you don't go over your minutes. It might be a little tricky to get it all working reliably but it's sure to save you minutes and money. That and you never have to miss another Skype call.

Other than Skype other questions arise as to what will happen to other applications that are not allowed to operate on 3G network like Slingbox. We will see but I doubt that AT&T will allow video streaming  just yet.

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