Put Many Rescue Discs on to a Single Disc or USB Drive

Published Friday, September 4, 2009 11:41 AM

Windows can be a real pain when you get a virus that is hard to get rid of. If your antivirus didn’t catch it, the virus will must likely deactivate the antivirus once it has taken hold. This makes fixing the problem even harder and trying to boot windows with a bad virus can be really frustrating.

One of the best solutions is to not boot Windows at all. With Live antivirus rescue discs that boot from a CD you can kill the virus while it sits dormant on the windows system. This is the fastest and least aggravating way to get rid of a virus. In order to boot from these antivirus rescue discs you have to first download them and the definitions and burn them to a disk. Every time you update the definitions you would have to re-burn the disc. If you want to use more than one rescue disc you have to burn multiple disc because they will not boot of they are all on one disk. The solutions to my problem came to me while reading raymond.cc.

I was reading about a Tool that not only allows you to install live CDs onto a USB drive but also lets you install several different ones at the same time. You can have several rescue discs as well as a linux PE and a windows PE all on the same disk or USB drive that allows you to choose what you want to boot. This is like the mother of all boot disk recovery tools. The application is called Sardu and can be downloaded for free. Most rescue disks are also free so you can do this project 100% free of charge.

It’s smart put your rescue disks on a USB drive because when it comes time to updating the virus definitions you don’t have to re-burn the disk, all you have to do is reinstall it on the USB drive which takes less time. The down side is that older motherboards don’t allow you to boot from USB, which does have a work around that he mentions on his post.

Checkout the post at Raymond.cc on rescue disc USB drive and follow the instruction to get it installed properly on your USB disc or CD. Here is a link to Sardu it is also link in raymond.cc's article. Good luck and happy recovery. 

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