Pola Application Review – Makes Polaroids out of your Images

Published Wednesday, August 19, 2009 3:14 PM



An interesting little application I found this morning called Pola. Pola will make Polaroid like images out of your regular looking photos. The little application will apply a filter to make the image look more like an old Polaroid image, and it will place a Polaroid like border around it. You can them adjust the zoom and cropping of the photo be for saving it.

This program is buggy as best. I think what it does is pretty cool but at least the Mac version of this program is very buggy. When you drag and drop images it doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to drop it twice. When you save or load an image the dialog box is all messed up and spaced funny. The icons for images or too large and make finding images and files difficult.

Even though it’s buggy it’s still usable because it’s such a simple application. Pola is multi platform and works on Window, Mac, and Linux. Check their website out for more details. 

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