How to Forward your Google Voice Number to your Skype Account

Published Monday, August 3, 2009 7:59 PM


When I got Google Voice I was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be great to if you could forward it to your Skype account so you can get calls on your computer without paying for the skypeIn internet number service. And then I was thinking why couldn’t you, so I did a Google search and sure enough it is possible.

You have to use a third party website however to get this done so you can’t connect Google Voice directly to Skype. With the help of you can set up the forwarding and it works beautifully. Gizmo5 uses a service called Opensky that will allow you to forward your calls to Skype from Gizmo5. With your Gizmo5 account you get a SIP number that can be used in Google voice as one of your forwarding phones. So when you put it all together it’s Google Voice forwarding to Gizmo5 using opensky that forwards to Skype. And presto change a free Internet number that forwards to your Skype account.

What’s the catch? Okay there is a catch Opensky is not really free, its sort of free. With your free Gizmo5 account you can only place 5 minute long phone calls. For $20 a year, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than Skype, you can place phone calls up to 2 hours at a time with multiple Skype accounts connected. A SkypeIn number, which runs $60 a year, does the same thing as the free Google voice number with an opensky/Gizmo5 account that costs you $20 a year.  

So that is the deal!  How do you set it up, well I was going to make a video but someone already did. I can’t say it’s the greatest tutorial video ever but it gets the job done. I didn’t want to show my Google Voice account over the internet but apparently this guy had not problem with it. Here you go enjoy.

If you are still confused about how to set it up checkout this post by Lifehacker.

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