Toy Gun Scooter Hijacker - Innocent boy playing or Criminal in Action

Published Thursday, July 30, 2009 12:30 PM


Did you guys hear about the 11 year-old boy in Cincinnati Ohio that tried to hijack a scooter off two boys with a toy gun. The father of the 8 and 10 year-old boys said it was not apparent that the gun was the toy. The 11-year-old boy pointed the toy gun at the two boys and said that he wanted one of the scooters. The older boy then chased the two younger boys as they drove away on their scooters.

The boy was taken to the Hamilton County juvenile center. His hearing is set for Aug. 7th , but a public defender doesn’t think the boy understood the consequences of his actions. What do you think of this? I am divided between thinking it’s right to punish the kid and thinking it’s ridiculous and that the boy didn’t mean any harm.

On the one hand if someone older held up a toy gun that looked real I wouldn’t think twice before shooting him or her if they were threatening peoples lives. The fact is if no one knows the gun is fake the implications of threatening people with it are the same as if the gun was real. There have been news stories of people using toys or unloaded guns in robberies and in my opinion this doesn't change the threat they are posing on people. So in that respect I agree with punishing the boy in some manner.

On the other hand I had all kinds of toy guns when I was a kid, now my parents wouldn’t let me point them at anyone but still I wouldn’t put it past my child self to do something like this. At what point is it just the imagination of a boys playing and what point is it a serious threat. I don’t know if the boys knew each other, but it doesn’t seem like they did which would make it a lot scarier. 11 is also a little old to be playing in such a way. I think if it was a 5 year-old this would be a very different story.

So what do you think should be Done? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this story, and how you think the boy should be dealt with.

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