Free Screen Casting with Screen Toaster - record and share screen capture videos

Published Monday, July 20, 2009 12:31 PM

There are times when you would want to capture your screen and share it with people. Sometimes you might want to demonstrate how to setup something on their computer or you might be demonstrating something in Photoshop. A good free screen capture program is hard to come by especially for Mac, which is why I use Screen Toaster.

Screen Toaster is a free online screen casting application that captures your computer screen and allows you to embed the capture into a website, upload directly to youtube, or download the video file. It is an easy way to get a capture of your screen fast and effectively. The sharing options are really great and provide more options then the screen casting website screenjelly. It is so much faster and the quality is even better than manually recording and uploading a video to a website. You can make your video private so that only people with the direct link or the embed can find your video.   

The service is free and you can go and get started at

Checkout my demo video here:

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