Softball Coach gets Fired for Serving Beers to Parents

Published Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2:53 PM

In Walkersville, Md. A Frederick County high school girls softball coach was fired for serving beers to the parents of the team at a end of the year party at his home. One of the parents brought beer and some of the parents drank it.  The coach did not drink at all and no one had more than one or two beers during the party.

Someone called the school and told on the coach for having beer at the party and the coach was fired and suspended from coaching for 3 years. I don’t see how this is right. The only way this it justified is if the school has rules about having beer in the presence of children that attend the school.

I am sure that is what the problem was which I don’t really understand. If you are not allowed to be employed by the school and have alcohol around children that attend the school then what if you have a child who goes to the same school you work at. Are you not allowed to drink beer in your own home ever? What if you are friends of a family who have children that attend the school? If you have a get together with alcohol does that warrant punishment. If not then it must have been because it was an official school function as part of the team, which in my eyes is trivial.

I don’t think that coach should have been fired. It is not as if everyone was getting drunk or even that he was drinking it was the fact it was there that got him fired. He didn’t even bring the beer one of the parents did so I blame the coach for allowing it but the parent for bring it to the party.

What do you think about this situation?

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