Lubix NC1 Bluetooth Headset Review – How Well Does it Work with the iPhone?

Published Friday, July 10, 2009 12:34 PM

I purchased the Lubix NC1 Stereo Bluetooth headset from Woot a couple weeks back and I have to say I am not that impressed with it. I bought it to work with my iphone 3G S which their website advertises it works with. I bought it thinking it was going to work well as both a headset to listen to music and take calls. Unfortunately this is not the case.


Let me start off by saying that the Lubix NC1 works great to listen to your music wirelessly. The sound quality is great and it gets a decent range from the iphone. The headset has different sound modes, which are actually kind of cool and sound great. I love the design and the fact you can wear it around your neck when you are not using it.  The headset is lightweight and didn’t hurt my ears when I wore them.

They even work well with your computer. With many Bluetooth headsets you will notice a sound lag when viewing movies or playing video games. I played a game on my iMac with the audio coming through the Lubix NC1 and there was a very small lag which is unusual and made for a great gaming experience.


Unfortunately the Lubix NC1 does not work well as a headset. You can take calls and turn up and down the volume as well as end calls but the headset in my experience has problems connecting and routing the audio through the headset. Sometimes it works fine and other times it takes about 5 – 10 seconds to get the audio right. Which is really annoying if someone on the line is trying to talk to you while this is happening. The headset does not automatically route the audio to the headset on calls. Sometimes you have to manually route the audio to it, and like I said earlier it take like 5 – 10 seconds to get it right.

I have a couple other problems with the headset. If you keep it on when it’s not in use, which you would want to do since it takes it so long to sync, you can accidently hit the buttons on the left ear piece when connecting the two pieces together. This will do one of two things; your phone will either call the last person you called or start playing the music on your iphone, depending on which button you hit. I tell you the truth I pocket dialed someone while I was in the bathroom the other day because I broke the two pieces apart and put them back together and a button got pushed. This is not something that happens rarely I have done it at least a half a dozen times.   

Okay last thing I have to complain about. If your headset is on your phone will not make any sounds. Your iPhone will not ring, application will not make noise because all the audio is going through the headset. Before you think I don’t understand how this thing works let me say you can prevent this by opening the ipod app and going to the current song that is playing and route the audio through the speaker. This will disable all the audio from coming to the headset. This is true, however for whatever reason this also makes routing the audio to the headset for a call more difficult. It seems the headset has to disconnect and then reconnect to route the audio properly, which takes at least 30 seconds. So if you want the standard 5 seconds to switch audio you have to keep the headset connected to the iphones audio and ipod.

This maybe something that happens to all headsets with the iphone and maybe it’s a glitch on the iphone’s side I don’t know. This is just what I have observed about the Lubix NC1. I have a Motorola S805 and it seems to have no problem switching from ipod to calls and back. I also disabled the stereo audio to the headset and them placed a call and when a rerouted the audio to the headset is switched immediately. I think the Lubix is great to listen to music with but as far as taking calls not so much.
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